Longer service life
due to optimal surfaces

Tools such as drills, milling cutters or thread rolls must have precisely defined surface structures and rounded edges for optimum machining results. A surface finish after grinding is therefore essential for high-quality tools.

Drill bits, milling cutters, indexable inserts, roller burnishing tools (knurling and thread rolls)

Defined edge rounding and polishing

Material-independent (HSS, chrome etc.)

Cutting edge rounding indexable insert

HSS, 15x15 mm
Cutting edge rounding 0.02 mm

Cutting edge rounding end mill

Hard metal, 70x12 mm
Cutting edge rounding 0.012 mm

Polished clamping bolt

Stainless steel, 30x25 mm
Task: descaling, polishing to Ra 0.5 µm

By drag grinding, brushing or blasting, the edges of tools can be rounded in a defined way and the surface roughness can be reduced. This means that higher feed rates can be used for longer tool life.

Markus Leimer
Our customers from the tool industry achieve significantly better machining results by rounding and polishing their tools. Our customers also save money through faster machining options and significantly longer tool life.

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