Deburring and Edge Rounding

vof metal and plastic parts

Deburring and Edge Rounding

vof metal and plastic parts

Remove burrs
Round edges

Almost all manufacturing processes (turning, milling, punching, casting or injection moulding etc.) produce workpieces with burrs or sharp edges. The requirements however, usually are “burr-free” and “rounded”. You can achieve these requirements economically and efficiently by sending your parts to Dörfler&Schmidt.


We deburr and round plastic and metal parts for injection moulding companies, turning or stamping shops and many more. Burrs can be completely removed. Sharp edges can be rounded in a defined way.

Your advantages
working with Dörfler&Schmidt

Fast deburring of your workpieces

Serial orders with reproducible quality

Including subsequent parts cleaning

No investment costs for you

Low costs for serial parts



We deburr
various components

Metal components (brass, stainless steel, aluminium etc.), plastic or ceramic components. Stamped parts, laser parts, turned and milled parts or injection moulded parts, sintered and 3D-printed components and more. Small parts with less than Ø 1 mm up to large parts with Ø 800 mm and several kilograms.


Our references:

Metal, plastic and ceramic parts

Workpieces of all manufacturing processes

Small and large parts

The right deburring process for your workpieces

The use of the appropriate process is decisive for the quality of your workpieces. With mass finishing, brushing or shot blasting, we offer the right process for a wide variety of components.


Mass finishing: with mass finishing we can economically deburr and round your components, both as bulk material and individually. Here we rely on vibration grinding, centrifugal disk finishing, drag finishing and barrel finishing (also known as trowalizing).

Brushing: With brush deburring, we can precisely and partially process your components. At the same time the surface can be given a brushed appearance.


Steels: By blasting with suitable abrasives, plastic and metal parts can be deburred quickly and efficiently. For example, rubber parts can also be deburred using dry ice.



Bernd Dörfler
"The deburring of your workpieces in constant quality - from the 1st to the 1,000,000th component - is our promise. We guarantee high quality, simple order processing and fast delivery. Contact us for an initial sampling."
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