Perfect surfaces
for high-quality aesthetics

Jewellery need high quality surfaces. Polishing to a high gloss ensures attractive aesthetics. Perfect surfaces for functional parts, e.g. watch movements, ensure perfect functioning.

Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum

Finishing in hand polishing quality

Fast processing and short delivery times

Polished movement part

Brass, 30x30x1 mm
Production: Punched
Task: Polishing

Matted spectacle frames

Plastic, 130x30x1 mm
Injection moulded
Task: Rounding and matting

Rings Rounded and Polished

Stainless steel, 25x20 mm
Production: Milled
Task: Deburring, rounding, high-gloss polishing

Whereas in the past jewellery could only be polished by hand, today it is possible with the right machines and processes to bring the highest quality jewellery, watch or spectacle parts to a high gloss – in hand polishing quality at significantly lower costs.

Karl-Friedrich Dörfler
We refine jewellery, watch parts or spectacle parts from different materials. From stainless steel to gold, ceramics or titanium to plastic. Contact us to have your components refined precisely, reliably and with the highest quality.

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