Shot blasting /
Air blasting

of workpieces up to 800mm

Shot blasting /
Air blasting

of workpieces up to 800mm

Blasting with glass beads, sand (standing blasting), corundum, stainless steel or natural materials (such as walnut shell granulate) gives your workpieces structured and satin-finished surfaces. This allows you to meet both optical and functional requirements. We blast in blasting cabins with compressed air (injector blasting or air blasting).


Blasting for optical applications: You receive silk-matt, satin-finished surfaces in various degrees of gloss. Due to the different size of the granulate used (grain size or grain size) as well as the different pressure, different surface optics can be produced during blasting.


Blasting for technical applications: A certain surface roughness or contact ratio is achieved. This serves to improve tribological properties (e.g. in rolling bearings). In addition, the service life of moulds and tools can be increased (shot peening).


Your advantages
at Dörfler&Schmidt

Fast processing and return delivery of your workpieces

Reproducible surface quality for serial orders

Individual processing (with glass beads, corundum, stainless steel etc.)

Also suitable for small series

Final cleaning according to cleanliness requirements



Different workpieces
can be processed

We can process various kinds of workpieces. Primarily, we blast workpieces made of metal, glass or plastic up to 800 mm in diameter. Contact us to receive a fast, non-binding and free offer for the blasting of your workpieces.


Our references:

Metal, plastic, ceramics, glass

Also for small series

1mm to 800mm parts

Different processing options

Different results can be achieved with blasting.


Deburring / edge rounding: Flitter burrs can be efficiently removed by blasting. Sharp workpiece edges can be rounded.


Structuring / Matting: The surface can be structured for technical applications or matted for optical applications.

Descaling / Cleaning: Components can also be cleaned by blasting. Corrosion, rust or paint can be completely removed (derusting).


Karl-Friedrich Dörfler
"We blast metal parts (colloquially sandblasting) for various applications and industries. Contact us to have your components processed."

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