Polishing and Smoothing

of metal, plastic and ceramic parts

Polishing and Smoothing

of metal, plastic and ceramic parts

Reduce roughness
Increase gloss

After turning, milling, punching or original forming, metal and plastic parts often show high roughness and low gloss. The roughness values can be reduced and the workpieces can be polished to a high gloss by post-treating the workpieces at Dörfler&Schmidt. Thus your technical as well as optical requirements are fulfilled:


Polishing for technical applications: Roughness (Ra or Rz, Rpk or Rmr values) will be improved and defined roughness values can be achieved. Ra values of 0.05 and Rz values of 0.5 can be achieved economically and fast.


Polishing for optical applications: For all decorative workpieces we generate high-gloss surfaces in hand polishing quality. We process metal, plastic and ceramic parts.

Your advantages
working with Dörfler&Schmidt

Fast processing and return delivery

Surfaces in hand polishing quality

No investment costs for you

Reduced roughness values (Ra, Rz, Rpk, Rvk or Rmr)

Reproducible quality thanks to machine processing



Our references:
Various workpieces

We polish a wide variety of workpieces:

Metal parts (stainless steel, steel, titanium, aluminium etc.) as well as plastic parts and ceramic parts (oxide ceramics, etc.). Stamped and bent parts, turned and milled parts, deep-drawn or forged parts, injection moulded or sintered parts as well as 3D-printed parts. Small parts with less than Ø 1 mm as well as large parts with up to Ø 800 mm and several kilograms


Our references:

Metal, plastic and ceramic parts

Workpieces of all manufacturing processes

Small and large parts

Serial parts with high quantities

The right polishing process for your workpiece

For flawlessly polished surfaces, you need the manufacturing process that best fits your workpiece. 


Mass finishing: We use mass fininshing for processing large quanitites of parts in a very short period of time. The roughness can be reduced to below Ra 0,05 µm.

Brushing: High-gloss surfaces can also be achieved by brushing (brush polishing). We create finest surfaces by using special brushes and polishing pastes.


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Bernd Dörfler
"By polishing and smoothing metal and plastic parts, a precisely defined roughness value can be created. We guarantee reproducible results from the first to the 1.000.000th workpiece. Contact us for a first sample."
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