Mass finishing

for deburring, rounding and polishing

Mass finishing

for deburring, rounding and polishing

Deburred workpieces with
optimal surfaces

With mass finishing or slide grinding, we can finish your metal or plastic parts effectively and economically. Your workpieces can be processed in many different ways – deburring, edge rounding, polishing and smoothing are the most common applications. In addition, we can matt, descale and clean your workpieces using the mass finishing process.


For processing, the workpieces are placed together with ceramic or plastic media and often additives (compounds) in a container which is set in motion (rotation or vibration). For optimum machining of your workpieces, we use the most suitable type of mass finishing, depending on the material and machining objective. We are one of the first service providers to offer all types of mass finishing – disc finishing, drag finishing, barrel grinding and vibration finishing.


Your advantages
at Dörfler&Schmidt

Fast processing and return delivery of your workpieces

Uncomplicated, smooth supply chain

Reproducible quality

Sampling of your workpieces in advance

Including component cleaning


Suitable for different workpieces

You can have the following workpieces processed by us:


Workpieces made of metal (aluminium, stainless steel, hard metal, copper, brass, titanium), plastic and ceramics. Small parts under 1 mm, as well as large parts with several kilograms. Punched or laser cut parts, turned and milled parts, additive manufactured components or 3D-printed workpieces, as well as deep-drawn parts, sintered parts, die-cast and injection-moulded parts.


Our references:

Metal, plastic and ceramic components

Small parts and large parts

Components of all manufacturing processes

Different processing options

Deburring / Rounding: Burrs that occur during punching, milling, turning or casting will be efficiently removed. Sharp edges on components or tools can be rounded in a defined way.


Polishing / Smoothing: The roughness of the workpiece surface will be reduced. Through sliding polishing, precisely defined surface roughness are achieved – often below Ra 0.03 µm. This significantly increases the surface quality.

Descaling / cleaning: Annealing colours from heat treatment (hardening) or rust on the surface can be effectively removed. In addition, stuck dirt can be removed completely.


Bernd Dörfler
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