Implants and medical instruments
with best surfaces

For bone plates, implants or medical instruments, a homogeneous, very smooth and usually highly polished surface is required. These surfaces can be produced reproducibly and economically by Dörfler&Schmidt.

Metal, titanium, ceramics and plastic parts

Implants and medical instruments

Polished bone plate

Surgical steel, 100x15x3mm
Task: Smoothing and polishing

Polished def-aid part

Plastic, 60x10x6mm
Task: Polishing

We at Dörfler&Schmidt can smooth and polish medical instruments such as various tweezers or surgical aids as well as implants. A wide variety of materials can be processed, from stainless steel to titanium and ceramics. Ra values below 0.03 µm can be achieved.

Bernd Dörfler
"Contact us for getting your implants and medical instruments polished. With our drag finishing and stream finishing machines we can process your components quickly and economically".

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