for deburring, rounding and polishing


for deburring, rounding and polishing

The brushing process gives a special grinding pattern to the surface of your workpieces. In addition, your components will be deburred (brush deburring), rounded or polished. Your workpieces will be precisely and partially machined. This gives your workpieces precisely defined radii and  contours at the edges.


We use different brushes and pastes for achieving different process results. Depending on your requirements the following results can be achieved:


Deburring / edge rounding: The most common application is probably brush deburring. Here, burrs are efficiently removed during the process. This also improves the quality of the edges. In particular, tools such as indexable inserts can obtain precisely defined radii (edge rounding).


Polishing / Smoothing: Special brushes and polishing pastes can be used to reduce roughness on workpiece surfaces and to polish up your workpieces.


Matting / Structuring: By using certain brushes, the surface structure can be changed. The roughness can be reduced and the typical brushed appearance can be achieved.


Your advantages
at Dörfler&Schmidt

Fast processing and return delivery of your components

Low processing costs per piece

Reproducible quality for serial orders

Final cleaning according to residual dirt requirements

Also small series possible


Different workpieces
can be processed


A wide variety of components can be processed by brushing. We brush metal parts made of stainless steel, aluminium but also hard metal and HSS up to 80mm in diameter.


Our references:

Metal parts (also carbide metal)

Also small series with small quantities

Workpieces up to Ø 80mm

Karl-Friedrich Dörfler
"As a service provider for brushing, we process a wide variety of workpieces. We deburr, round with exactly defined radii or polish parts for various companies. Contact us to let your parts be sampled"

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