Descaling and Cleaning

of metal and plastic parts

Descaling and Cleaning

of metal and plastic parts

Cleaning workpieces
Remove scale

The cleanliness of workpieces is becoming more and more important in production. Dörfler&Schmidt offers you a thorough cleaning of your workpieces, individually according to your requirements.


Remove scale: Annealing paints, oxides, rust, scale or hardening residues can be efficiently removed from your components by Dörfler&Schmidt. Descaling is economical and efficient for you thanks to processes such as blasting or vibratory grinding.


Removing residual dirt: Industrial component cleaning can completely remove grease, oils, dirt residues and foreign particles from your workpieces. For this we use our ultrasonic cleaning systems, as well as in cooperation with DHD Clean Parts GmbH & Co. KG  state-of-the-art full vacuum systems with perchloroethylene.

Your advantages
at Dörfler&Schmidt

Fast processing and return delivery to you

Residue-free removal of rust, scale, etc.

Cost-effective processing of large quantities

No investment costs for you

Compliance with the strictest cleanliness requirements


Our references:
Different components

Various workpieces can be descaled and cleaned. We process:

Fine blanking, punching, bending, turning or milling parts and many more. Workpieces made of metal and plastic. Small parts with less than Ø 1 mm up to large parts with Ø 800 mm and several kilograms


Our references:


Workpieces of all manufacturing processes

Small and large parts up to 25kg

The right process for your workpiece

For descaling and cleaning workpieces, the appropriate cleaning process for the workpiece is required. From our large machine park, we can select the process best suited to your requirements.


Blasting: We blast (via compressed air) with glass beads, corundum, ceramics, steel and sand (sand blasting) – in order to completely remove stuck dirt or rust from components.



Mass finishing: In addition, we can remove dirt, scale, annealing colours, etc. by mass finishing (vibratory finishing, barrel finishing, disk finishing and drag finishing)


Ultrasonic cleaning: We clean components with ultrasonic cleaning systems to meet your residual dirt requirements.

Bernd Dörfler
"You can have your components descaled and cleaned quickly and easily by us. Requirements for component cleanliness are completely fulfilled. Contact us for an initial sampling of your components."
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