Long service life
due to perfect surfaces

Aircraft components are often exposed to extreme environmental influences in terms of temperature, pressure and friction. Components with burrs, sharp edges or rough surfaces are not suitable for use in these environments. We use processes such as drag finishing to deburr, round and polish workpieces for our customers in the aviation industry.

Deburring, rounding and polishing of aircraft components

Reproducible results across large quantities

Fast processing and short delivery times

Polished turbine blade

Inconel, 70x40x30 mm
Task: Smoothing and polishing

Polished guide vane

Titanium, 150x40x30 mm
Task: Smoothing and polishing

By deburring, rounding and polishing, the quality of components will be increased. Metal abrasion can be reduced, while uniform machining at all points does not impair the accuracy of fit of turbine blades.

Bernd Dörfler
"You can have your aerospace workpieces deburred, rounded and polished by us. We can process them according to your individual requirements using processes such as drag finishing or stream finishing".

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