High quantities
in repoducible quality

Requirements for a consistently high quality of each individual component are standard in the automotive industry. In the case of safety-relevant components (e.g. for brake systems or airbags), the requirements for burr-free, rounded edges or roughness often cannot be achieved without post-processing.

Reproducible quality

Work pieces made of metal or plastic

Fast processing and short delivery times

Radiator figure polished

Stainless steel, 60x13 mm
Manufacture: MIM
Task: Smoothing and polishing

Door lock polished

Sluminium, 35x7x7 mm
Production: Turned
Task: Polishing

Plastic bush Rounded

GFK, 10x10x10 mm
Injection moulded
Task: Deburring, edge rounding

At Dörfler&Schmidt we deburr, round and polish components for the automotive industry thus help our customers to supply burr-free, rounded and smoothed components with constant quality.

Karl-Friedrich Dörfler
"The deburring, rounding and polishing of automotive parts has been part of our main business for many years. Every year we finishseveral hundred million parts, which are installed in the cars of various different manufacturers.

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