Surface treatment for
perfect metal and plastic parts

We deburr, grind and polish workpieces for customers from various industries. Regardless of material (plastic, metal, ceramics etc.) and geometry (less than 1mm up to 800mm), we find the best solution to produce a perfect surface for your components.

Deburring, grinding, polishing of various workpieces

Consistently high quality across large quantities

Fast processing and return of your workpieces

Polished ball pen clip

Stainless steel, 50x10x4
Manufacture: MIM
Task: Polishing

Rounded Needle

Stainless steel, 50x1 mm
Production: Punched
Task: Rounding and polishing

Polished decorative element

Aluminium, 160x70
Production: Turned
Task: Polishing

Whether small series with a few hundred pieces or large series with several million pieces – as a service provider we react flexibly to your requirements.

Markus Leimer
"Whether glass workpieces for the furniture industry or metal parts for pen manufacturers - we process a wide variety of components for a wide variety of industries. We guarantee consistently high quality at all times. Contact us to talk about your project".

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