Quality components
for high-quality machines

For precision machines, the quality of the components used is decisive. For optimum functionality and longevity of the system, all components used must be burr-free, rounded and have certain surface properties.

Deburring, grinding and polishing of machine components

Optimum functionality and durability

Also small series possible

Polished clamping bolt

Stainless steel, 30x25 mm
Task: descaling, polishing to Ra 0.5 µm

Polished thread guide

Stainless steel, 80x20 mm
Task: smoothing and polishing to Ra 0.05 µm

Descaled gear

Steel, 13x10x6 mm
Task: descaling, polishing tooth flanks

We deburr, grind and polish workpieces for mechanical and plant engineering and thus help our customers to build precision machines of the highest quality.

Markus Leimer
We process workpieces from small to large for machine and plant construction. Contact us for a fast and economical solution for deburring, grinding and polishing your workpieces.

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